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Dealing with a Mosquito Problem

Mosquitoes are quite common around the Gold Coast area especially in the warmer months of the year. Though they are very tiny, you cannot underestimate the potential danger that they can cause your loved ones. Mosquitoes are responsible for some of the most deadly diseases known to men. Several illnesses such as Ross River Fever, Murray Valley Encephalitis, Barmah Forest Virus and even the infamous Malaria are caused due to some mosquito species.The most venerable are the children and the elderly who can get seriously ill because of their delicate age.

Here are some tips from Super Pest Controllers to help you avoid getting in contact with this airborne threat.

  • Make sure there are no empty containers of some sort lying outside your house that can collect water. This could be pot plant saucers, tires, tins and so forth. If you have pets at home you should remember to change their water bowls regularly. Mosquitoes usually like to breed close to a still water source.
  • It is a good idea to screen the doors, windows and water tanks which can prevent the mosquitoes from coming in contact with you.
  • Some of the plants species such as Liriopes and Bromeliads attract mosquitoes and should not be placed near decks, pools, pergolas or close to an outdoor area that is frequently used.
  • If you have a lawn or an outdoor area where you like to sit or work, use some kind of a repellent especially during the evening.

Though following these tips will help you reduce the chances of getting bitten by the mosquitoes, you cannot always avoid them completely. If this threat is not properly taken care of it might grow into a bigger problem. The rate in which these mosquitoes multiple is high, and sometimes the best thing to do is take the help of our experienced pest control professionals on the Gold Coast, Queensland. They have some of the most advanced techniques and tools to eliminate the chances of a rapid mosquito growth.

Here are some of the ways in which they can help you reduce the mosquito numbers around your property.

Larval Control

There are a lot of houses in Queensland that is located next to a water source like lake or a pond. Mosquito species can adapt to each of these sources and can cause a significant threat to the people that live nearby. In such cases it is advisable that you get a larval control treatment done so that the threat that comes with mosquitoes can be reduced to a minimum.

Larval control is done by targeting the larvae of the mosquitoes in still water. This method is completely environment friendly and reduces their population by affecting the growth hormones of the larvae.

Residual Barrier Treatment

This is another very effective treatment which is used by experienced pest control companies. In this method the adult mosquito population is targeted that affects their growth and prevents them from lingering around the property for a long time.

This is specifically ideal for places that have a lot of flora and fauna around it. Although mosquitoes are airborne vector pests, they often find shady area like leaf litter under the trees to rest. Residual berries applied in such areas can kill them instantly. The effect of this treatment lasts for a couple of weeks and people can usually notice the change immediately.

There are several other ways to get rid of such pests that pest control professional can help you with. If you have any further queries contact us today.

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