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How to Control the Pests on the Gold Coast

Different kinds of insects are around us, some of them are found in our houses. Some kinds of pest are dangerous and others have no harm but their presence is not liked. They always give dirty image of the houses, termites are also from the generation of insects which destroy wood made articles in the house like furniture, doors or even plants in the garden. Their population increases due to thousands of eggs laid by the termite queen in one day and average life of termite is considered 30 to 50 years.

Friendly Pest Control Gold CoastBefore controlling the pests it is necessary to know about the living areas of the termites. Soil is favorite living place of pests. They make tunnel under the ground which may be at the depth of 3 to 4 feet and live like a colony. Same tunnel is used to reach the food like wood and roots of plants. Similarly second place is wood which can be in any condition like furniture or in raw form. Wood is the best food of the termites because it is full of cellulose. Everything, which contains it, is food of these pests that is why dung and humus are also source of food for them. Moisture is also necessary for the survival of pests that can be from rain or other natural source.

To control the pests and keep them away from your house it is necessary to check out any leakage of water and standing water in any area of the water. Leakage should be repaired and standing water should be clean to make absence of moisture and wet place. Use always a treated wood which does not permit the invasion of pests. Never keep the wood on the ground for long periods and if there is any wood which is excess of material for your construction then it should be store at separate place away from the living area of your house. At different intervals it is much better to check out the bases of your house and such places where termites and other pests may live in colonies. Use quality rated pest killer to keep your house clean and free from pests.

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