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How to install your Curtains with Blinds?

Interior decorator Newcastle

Curtains and blinds main parts of every window at home. This is really more useful to live with privacy. It becomes necessary to install window curtains carefully. This is the really typical process and you can install it by itself. To installation of your window curtains hire the best company. Interior decorator Newcastle is one of the best companies that offer service to put up curtains and blind. In this massive article, we will provide give you the basic tips on curtains installation. Hope so those tips will useful for you to prevent from any mistake during the installation of your curtains.

Tools that are to be required

If you are good to put up an installation of window curtains then you can easily install them. To installation of curtains with blinds is not an easy task. Firstly collect the required material and tools to put up curtains and blinds. That material involves various equipments. The drill is one of the main tools that are used to make holes in a wall to fixing up of certain pools. Check the wires drill carefully because it is an electronic device. There are other tools are screwdriver, pools, track etc.

Fit a Roller Blind

As we know, roller blinds come in different colors, size, and designs. So choose the best one according to the design of your room. Before put up a roller blind measure the length and width of your window. Now unroll the blind and cut it as the same size of your window. You can use the hand saw to cutting blinds in a proper size. Smoothly push to the dummy pins on both sides with the help of the hammer. Now fix up on the right position of it with the help of the screwdriver.

Put up Curtains

Curtains really plays an important role to clean your room neat and clean. Always use the flexible luxury curtain tracks because those are easy to move. Firstly measure the size of window i.e. the length and width of your room window. If the size of window and curtains are not same then adjust them properly. Make holes in the walls to fix up the curtain tracks with the help of the screwdriver. Now place the tracks on the slots and fix it.

If it seems too difficult to do then you can take an appointment from interior decorator Newcastle Company for installation. Those are most popular for window curtain installation

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