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Know About The Bed Bugs

From the generations of insect there is one parasitic generation namely Cimex Lectularius in biology but to the common people they are named as bed bugs. They are very small in size which is between 1 to 7 mm and in shape they are flat and without wings. They look like reddish-brown because their food intake is just blood of human beings and animals. Because of their small size they could be everywhere especially in corners and edgy places. Their mobility takes place due to mobility of people. They travel along them hiding themselves in their clothes, luggage and bags.

Bed Bugs Control Gold CoastBed bug name was given them due to their feeding time they feed when people sleep on beds. Bed is not only place for their stay they could be in cabinets and other dark areas. They mostly cause infection which can be avoided by cleaning the living place thoroughly from the pests. Their infestation can be controlled by proper checking the stuff which is known have come from such a place where bed bugs are present. Edgy areas of furniture like chairs are the good place for their residence.

According to some experts and stories about the pests it is thought that there are dark spots where pests live. If you find the dark spots anywhere in the house then you cannot ignore the presence of bed bugs. Other signs of presence may be found on the face neck or naked areas of the body where marks or biting will be present. If there is any sign of the presence then to get rid completely from the pest it is necessary to control them. For pest controlling you may not be able to do so as efficiently as a professional pest controller can do. Place can be cleaned only when their whole population is removed from there but mostly their eggs remain there due to their invisibility by the naked eye. After few weeks of cleaning the place they may appear again, they are genetically able to live without food for one year so hiring a professional pest controller is the most suitable plan.

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