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Overview of Shaw Hardwood Floors: Shaw Wood Flooring

Shaw is a major flooring manufacturer. They make carpeting, area rugs, tile, stone, laminate, and hardwood flooring. Shaw’s hardwood flooring division has grown rapidly in the last decade. Shaw hardwood floors come in a wide variety of offerings. From engineered wood floors to solid hardwood flooring, from oak to walnut, homeowners should be able to easily find a Shaw wood floor that works well for them.

Engineered Shaw Hardwood Floors

Engineered Shaw hardwood floors are a good compromise for a homeowner who wants the durability and look of solid hardwood floors, but wants the ease of installation and stability that laminate products offer. Engineered flooring is made by gluing together several layers of hardwood and plywood. The visible top layer is hardwood, but when a plank is viewed from the side, the multiple layers can be seen.Hardwood flooring is a different job than roofing in Brisbane, but both fall in same industry.

Benefits of Engineered Shaw Hardwood Floors

Firstly, they are durable. With proper care, many engineered floors can last upwards of 20, or even 30 years. They can usually be refinished at least once, and possibly twice. Engineered floors are more stable and resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. Solid hardwood floors can shrink and expand as the indoor environment changes, but because engineered flooring is a composite, layered material, it does not shrink or expand nearly as much as solid hardwoods do. As a result, homeowners who choose engineered Shaw wood flooring will have floors that are less prone to developing gaps and cracks. Shaw engineered flooring is also easier to install than solid Shaw wood flooring because it can be glued, nailed, stapled, or even “floated” above an existing floor.

Engineered flooring is offered in a wide variety of species. For many species, solid hardwood might be prohibitively expensive, but because less of the actual hardwood is used in engineered products, engineered flooring can be a way to get the species desired at a more affordable cost. Walnut is a good example of such a species.

Benefits of Shaw Hardwood Flooring

Shaw hardwood flooring is a popular alterative to Shaw’s engineered wood products. Solid Shaw wood flooring is even more durable than their engineered wood flooring. With proper care, they can last a lifetime or more. Historic homes often have hardwood floors which are more than a century or two old, and they can still look great. Solid hardwood floors are usually 3/4 of an inch thick, and so can be refinished as many times as the homeowner would like. Shaw hardwood floors are more expensive than engineered wood floors, but installing them tends to increase the value of a home more than other products would.

Solid hardwood floors can be a bit more difficult to install and more costly, but many people find that the durability and longevity of solid hardwood flooring compensates for this drawback.Whichever Shaw hardwood floor is selected, it will add beauty, warmth, and charm to any living space.

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