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Termite Baiting System Is a Better Way

Termite can be found in almost every household around the Gold Coast area of Queensland, Australia.Although many people hire pest control companies in their area to get rid of this problem but not all of them provide a lasting solution to this pest infestation. There are several ways that are suggested by some of these companies such as dry dust injection, chemical application, using a liquid foam solution or even removing the nest physically but none of these methods seem to destroy the entire termite colony. The termites often appear again even after one of such treatments has been done on the house.

Many inexperienced pest controllers generally increase the amount of chemicals that they use to destroy the termites that hide in the soil. This does not guarantee that the whole colony of termites would be destroyed. Using large amount of chemicals c would only negatively affect the soil and the vegetation that depends on it. It can even be harmful for pets or other beings that live in that area.The more toxic the chemical the more likely it is to get someone really ill because of coming in contact with it.

We have new and improved ways of handling infestation by termites. Termites baiting systems are one of the latest methods that people are opting for to get rid of the termite problem.What a baiting system does is, it baits termites by using Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor like hydramethylnon to target the nest of these termites.

A Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor like the one mentioned above is fed to the termites with a palatable attractant which is spread across the entire colony by the termites themselves.This chemical interferes with chitin production in termites which is an essential part of their anatomy. When this chemical reaches the inner chambers of the nest it stops the production of eggs by the queen and eventually the entire colony is destroyed.

This type of a method is considered more environmental friendly than using harmful chemicals or any other techniques for that matter because you are only targeting the ones that you want to destroy and not harming anything else in the process.Termite interception baits are available in the market under different brand names. To name a few; Sentricon, Nemisis, Exterra, Green and Xtern which also have alpha cellulose pellets other chitin synthesis like bistrifluron.

When you face a termite infestation, you should always make sure that you go for the most effective treatment available. Only when you completely eliminate the termite colony would you see a lasting effect. Monitoring and baiting systems are quite effective in eradicating the termites from your property. Chemical application does not always works and in many cases has to be done again and in higher quantities.

The best way to find out what kind of a method is best suited for you, get in touch with a reputable pest control company such as Super Pest Controllers.

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