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Termite Protection for a Steel Frame House

Many of us have a perception in mind that if we have a steel frame house we don’t really need a termite inspection of any kind. Though termites generally use wood as a medium to enter the house, it can also be equally comfortable using a steel frame to move through the house with ease. A steel frame does not eliminate the chance of a termite infestation, it only reduces it.

There are several species of termites that are found in Australia. The most common of them are:

Dampwood, which usually live in damp places such as rotting logs in the jungle and rot pockets found in living or dead trees.

Drywood, are the ones that do not have any contact with the soil whatsoever and completely depend on the wood that they live in to obtain water and food.

Subterranean Termites, need to be touch with the soil to get access to moisture and are generally ground dwelling. These are responsible for the maximum damage that termites cause to houses. They eat away the timber from the inside out, without people noticing it.

Although using a steel frame to construct the house is a wise thing to do, but it cannot always guarantee that it will help keep the termites away from your house. Subterranean termites can rifle through such steel frame and enter the house to destroy your house contents like furniture, books and even parquetry floors. They would literally go after anything that suits their taste buds and use various ways to come in contact with these items in the house.

Several things in the house are old and have some kind of a memory or significance attached to them. It really pains to see them get destroyed and thrown away because of a pest problem that you could have handled differently. Most of the times the termites work around the houses undetected. Because they are not visible from the outside of the wood or timber that they eat, they cause a significant amount of destruction before the people in the house seen any visible signs.

A lot of people think that to find them you would have to tear and damage parts of your house where they usually hide but that is not true. Several pest control companies have some high end equipment that helps them locate and destroy the termites without really destroying the property. They use thermal image cameras to determine what parts of the house are affected. Once they have found this information they use several techniques to eliminate them from the property.

One of these ways is by drilling a whole on the infested area through which they can inject the chemicals that help kill the termites. The chemical is made keeping in mind its toxicity which is always reduced to a minimum so that they do not end up harming the children or pets in the house accidently. Professional pest control companies come up with innovative ways to tackle the pest problem that people have. Whether you have a regular wooden frame or a steel frame house, experienced pest control companies can customize their methods to suit your needs.

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