Testimonials | Pest Control Gold Coast


“This Company is Awesome! They arrived right on time, very professional. They go over everything with you. The prices are very affordable. I give them a “thumb’s up” and will be using them again.”

William Furneaux, Robina


“I had a rat problem that was really stressing me out.  I felt really overwhelmed.  When they arrived he immediately took charge of the problem.  They were not only helpful, dependable and responsive, but also made me feel hopeful!  They were great at setting expectations on the process and the time it takes to completely solve the issue.  Rats can be very challenging as they move to different places of the house or learn to identity traps, but I feel they went out of his way to help me out.  I would definitely recommend them”

Sara Allardyce, Miami


“Thank you Roger for taking care of the tiny, yet horrible, ants that took over my apartment! I had a sudden infestation of ants that no matter what I tried, I could not keep them away. Roger was very professional, funny and efficient! He knew just what to do to get rid of those suckers! I would definitely recommend!”

Gabriel Pryke, Surfers Paradise


“My new place came with some termite issues. Super Pest Controllers team, were prompt, thorough, efficient, and personable, and their estimate was slightly lower than the competition. So all good things there.

The thing that really set Elite apart for me though was that he took my toxicity concerns seriously, laying out exactly what chemicals he would be using, why, and in what quantities. I was able to research from there and make an informed choice about what I felt comfortable with, and I really appreciate that.”

Bailey Benny, Robina