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The Termite Problem

Termites are present in all parts of the Australian continent. They cause more destruction and economical loss to the country than the natural disasters that occur here. They target the timber that is used in the construction on houses and other commercial places. Though there are several species of termites that are found in Australia like dampwood and drywood termites, the ones that do the maximum destruction are the subterranean termites.

Subterranean termites generally live in the ground which acts as a source of the moisture that they need. Their contact with the soil helps them get enough moisture that they need to sustain their growth. They can find ways to get in contact with the timber that you use d you built your home and can gradually eat it from the inside out.

Termites eat the timber because it provides them with the necessary sugar, starch and cellulose. They usually live in colonies and can number in hundreds or even millions. Each colony has a division of labor and it is the workers that generally carry out the function of searching the food by eating away the wood.

Subterranean termites either build earthen mounds; have their nests in the underground soil or in the roots of living or dead trees. Being in touch with the soil helps them get the moisture that they need to be able to survive. They then make protective mud shelter tubes that connects their nest to their food source which could be a piece of furniture in the house or timber used for construction of any part of the building. By the time the destruction caused by them is visible, it often too late to do anything about it.

There are a number of ways in which the termites can invade your home or office.

  • They can construct mud tubes on concrete piers.
  • They can use the vegetation that is in contact with your home. Staring from the base of the house where it connects to the soil, they can find their way up to the building interiors.
  • Through plumbing, telephone or other types of service pipes.
  • They can also build tunnels through the center of wood stumps.
  • Hair line cracks around electrical and plumbing conduits are also sometimes used by them to get access.
  • Through the construction of mud pipes within cavity walls.

Though termites can find different ways to get into your home there are many proven methods to get rid of them as well. Chemical application is one of the famous ways to treat a termite problem by spraying the chemical around the property to impede concealed termite entry. Another very common method is through the use of a monitoring and baiting system. The termites are intercepted by using such systems and killed before they can cause any damage.

Most of the people in Australia prefer taking the help of pest control companies such Super Pest Controllers Gold Coast. These people are professionally trained experts when it comes to dealing with any sort of a pest problem.

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